Without taking a break, we are jumping right in to our Summer Stock 2019 session.  If you always wanted to sing with a fantastic and caring family of singers, now is your chance!  Come join us for a shorten rehearsal period, songs that are all in English, and a chance to add your name to the wonderful roster of singers who are the Sullivan County Community Chorus!  This summer's theme is "Life's Perspectives".

On Saturday, June 15th, about 15 members of the chorus traveled to the Desmond Hotel in Albany, NY to perform a few selections at this year's Convention of the National Federation of Democratic Women.  We thank New York State & Sullivan County President Donna Schick for the invitation to spread the joy of music to representatives from all over the country!

Thank you to all who came to our Spring Concert, it was an amazing success!  It was wonderful to see all the people there sharing in our tribute to Lou Setren!

Here are some pictures of our experience singing at Carnegie Hall!  Special thanks to Rolling V Bus for giving us a lift back and forth...Israel is a fantastic driver!


Thank you to all who came out to attend our 42nd Annual Winter Concert, "The Reflective Genius of Mozart."  It was wonderful to see so many people in attendance, both old friends, and now some new ones as well.

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Thank you to all who attended our Summer Stock Concert. It was an amazing success!

We are still flying high from our performance of Carmina Burana, we will never forget  what an amazing musical experience we all had!

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